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After the sudden death of her father, Tonya Moye embarked on a never-ending quest to discover her true purpose and live the divine life she was created to live. It became apparent to Tonya that there was so much more that she was required to do in this lifetime. Infused with a longing to discover the deeper and hidden meanings of life, Tonya, realized that struggle, want, lack, or being in need, is not how we are intended to live. After all, we are divine beings created in the image and likeness of the I AM who IS. Through spiritual mentoring, studying and meditation, Tonya has been able to tap into her inner gifts, which allows her to speak into the lives of others and bring about thought provoking change.
Tonya is the founder and CEO of Yes I Am Wealth, a global movement dedicated to helping individuals identify their own inner wealth while releasing the poverty mindset, and living up to their divine potential. Tonya is not only a discerning, certified life coach, NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and studied Usui Reiki, but she is also one who loves connecting to individuals on a spiritual level. Tonya is quickly becoming a conduit through which lives are being transformed.
“All of us face struggles in our lives. My struggles were addictions. Everyone that I cared about either was an Alcoholic or addicted to drugs. The key was how to cope with them and with the impact that they were having on me. Tonya was a great help in listening and helping me understand that I had no control over my family's behavior. I believe that all aspects of our lives are connected, if we are stressed in one area, it affects our overall attitudes. Tonya helped me in addressing the stresses in my life and come to a realization that I only have control over my actions. For all her help I will be eternally grateful.”
H.S. Pennsylvania
I thank God for putting Prophetess Tonya in my life. She is truly a spirit-filled woman of God and a good friend. I have been so blessed by her daily encouraging words. Prophetess, your words and our conversations are always so timely and on point...Just the other day I was doing my daily reading and writing in my journal...I was asking God for help in a certain area...Ten minutes later I get your email titled “Follow My Breeze “WOW... I said to myself...How did she know? I thank you for being a source of encouraging inspiration and communicating God’s word to me and to others...Your are truly a Gifted Woman of God!” May you continue to be abundantly Blessed!!!
Brenda Bolton, Philadelphia
“Prophetic Greetings, Tonya Moye: When you look for the word “INSPIRE” in the dictionary, your picture is next to it. With you being a covenant partner of The Prophetic Ecumenical Council of Churches International Ministries, you really took the teachings of my late father, Archbishop Hirron Williams, to heart. In every conversation or chat, you echoed his words and quotes by applying them to produce an incredible life for you and your family. I have been honored in getting to know your strengths, talents, and abilities that you use relentless as a “real asset” to the Kingdom of God. Your ability to communicate effectively is amazing. You can say the right words at the right time and get a “right response”. To me, your life speaks for itself. Maya Angelou said it best, “When you learn, you teach. When you get, you give.” I can attest you do just that! Lastly, thank you for obeying the voice of God that continues to bless, empower and impact those who are lost, weary, and confused. May God continue to flow life through you to others as a true reflection of His Abundant Life on earth!” Best Regards,
Prophetess Lyntresa Williams Ps. 91
“The Daily Blessings that you send me have inspired me as well as many others with whom I have shared them. Often times, we get discouraged with our circumstances and feel as though we have no control over our lives. Your Daily Blessings have shown me ways of overcoming the despair and frustration. They help me feel empowered so that I can take steps to make positive changes and not just be a victim of my circumstances. They have also given me the tools to encourage others during their time of despair. Thank you for the Daily Blessings and please keep them coming!”
Val Philadelphia, PA
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